Fuel Pump and Sender G7 SS with 525LPH E85 QD Hellcat Racetronix

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This is a Racetronix "Stainless Fuel Pump Sender and 525LPH E85 Compatible Pump with Quick Disconnect Fittings" for Buick Grand National, T-Type - Stainless Sender for Stock Fuel Lines (requires an upgraded fuel return line at the minimum) for a 1986 or 1987 Buick Grand National, T Type, Turbo T, or GNX 3.8 liter turbo V6.

Racetronix GEN2 Stainless Fuel Pump Sender w/ Single HELLCAT Walbro 525LPH Pump for Turbo Buick GN & T-Type (Gas +E85)


You may have heard about the new 525lph Walbro high flow fuel pump. This is simply the most bad ass single in-tank pump out there. This pump was originally made for the Dodge Challenger / Charger Hellcat in the USA to OEM specs. We have made an exclusive deal with Racetronix to put this pump and their high flow hanger with their heavy duty wire harness to create simply the most powerful and highest flowing, complete and drop in, single in-tank fuel pump solution for a Turbo Buick ever offered. You will need to improve the fuel lines due to the high flow of this system. The stock return system will be overwhelmed but we have plug and play solutions available there too.


FPS-G7W525EQ - G7 SS Hanger + Walbro 525LPH E85 Pump, Quick-disconnect QD


  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Non-tapered pump outlet tube for maximum flow / performance.
  • Tubes have smoother radius bends for maximum flow / performance
  • Dual 14-gauge circuits (vs. factory single 16-gauge ) for double current handling (28 amps) and reliability
  • Modular wiring harness allows for simple repairs
  • Includes a new stainless-steel locking ring, OE-type tank gasket
  • Upgraded grounding system
  • Walbro F90000285 525LPH E-85 certified high-pressure/volume pump pre-installed
  • 30-micron graded-media filter sock installed
  • New-style 90 ohm ceramic level sender resistor (digital dash 120-ohm sensor optional) (1)
  • New 30-amp power connector for improved performance (2)
  • Custom SS removable pump mount
  • Quick-disconnect outlets (JIC adapters optional)

(1) For use with analogue dash only. Digital dash cars will need to add our optional 120 ohm level sensor.

(2) This hanger has a Delphi MP 280-series power connector so it will not plug directly into older hotwire harnesses. Our new heavy-duty FPWH-076 hotwire harness is highly recommended to reliably support this high-performance hanger Customers who can't afford to upgrade their current hotwire harnesses may use our FPAH-076 to adapt the power connector on this hanger to the factory-type Weather-Pack connector found on first-generation hotwire harnesses. This hanger MUST NOT be run off of the factory wiring PERIOD!

The factory return are lines too restrictive and not able to handle the fuel volume of this pump. This will cause the base fuel pressure to rise without allowing it to be turned down. The return line must be upgraded to -6 Teflon-lined hose.