Warranty Information
We encourage you to READ the information on this site thoroughly. We have made every attempt to provide as much information as possible to help you make an educated decision about your purchase. We do not know every exception about every vehicle, but we do try to communicate known exceptions wherever possible. As we put the various System Kits together, we anticipate the most common situations, which normally will cover over 95% of the installations. There will always be exceptions, which you may have to deal with during installation. IF you can put some "before-hand" thought into your purchase, then the possibility of being caught "off guard" during installation is greatly decreased.
Our Qualified Guarantee is that our products will fit as long as there are no complications with other aftermarket devices.  If our system does not fit OR you feel you won't be satisfied, then we'll refund your money with a 25% restocking fee. Just return any NEW or UNUSED part within 30 days of the shipping date and we'll refund the purchase price. (Shipping charges are not refundable). We cannot accept return on custom-ordered or special-ordered parts. No item can be refunded after 30 days from the purchase date.
Fitting Problems: If you have a problem with fit, we ask that you call our Tech Line for assistance (626) 442-9228. We should be able to help you figure out what to do. It is very rare that any of the pipes will be bent incorrectly. We have learned from experience that it is a waste of our time and yours to JUST SEND another pipe. You usually always will still be faced with the same problem. If you want us to check the pipe, we will. Just return it (properly insured) and we'll check it out. If it is indeed incorrect, we will promptly ship a correct one and reimburse you for your shipping expense. If the pipe is correct, we will ship it back.C A U T I O N !
Before cutting any pipes, MAKE SURE everything is going to fit and if not, decide what is necessary for them to fit. Remember, we do guarantee fit, but that guarantee is made assuming certain things about your vehicle. Anything out of the ordinary, will naturally cause problems for installation. Along with this guarantee, we expect that you will return them uncut and undamaged. Rarely will there be a pipe bent incorrectly. We have been selling these products for many years now and they have been fitting the stated applications, so we know the design is a proven one. Usually, if there is a problem with installation, it will be because one out of several issues with you vehicles other aftermarket products. Now we know this isn't your fault, but it isn't ours either. BUT, we can help in these situations, because we have developed some alternate products which can often help. If we can't help and/or you just plain don't want to worry with making any adaptations, then you can return the products. We don't expect you to keep what won't work or what you just don't want. Sometimes, tailpipe installation can be complicated somewhat because of installation problems from the mufflers forward. As you are trying to correct any problem up front, always keep in mind tailpipe positioning, because they will be affected also. Of course, you can always return the products. We just expect that you will return it in the condition you received it -- unused and not cut or damaged! That is why we CAUTION you to check out your situation FIRST, BEFORE cutting. However, if you have a problem and the above info does not help, we encourage you to please call and we'll do what we can to help. We may be able to offer some possible solutions. If for any reason, you want us to check any particular pipe for correctness, we'll be glad to. If it is indeed incorrect, we will send a correct one to you at our expense. Please keep in mind that the bigger the pipe, the harder it becomes to adapt -- bigger pipe and less room. As always, we appreciate your purchasing our product and always like to hear from -- even if you don't have a complaint. 
It is the customers responsibility to thoroughly inspect, clean, and remove any possible “slag” or any other object that maybe in the purchased products which in turn may cause potential damage to you cars engine (or existing items on you cars engine such as turbos, pistons, intake and so forth) , suspension, or driving ability. This includes ALL exhaust parts and systems. ALL products! 
GN1Performance makes every effort to provide for our customers the highest quality products available. GN1Performance warrants all products sold to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 1 YEAR from date of purchase against all manufacturer defects. We cannot assume responsibility for mufflers meeting individual customer preference or specific local sound ordinances. While we will make every effort to help each customer reach a decision on his/her selection, description of sound is very subjective and hard to convey over the phone. We cannot be responsible if the customer is not satisfied with the sound or loudness (or lack of loudness) of any muffler selection.
GN1Performance reserves the right to make changes in design, materials, and specifications or to make product changes as deemed necessary without prior notice. We also guarantee that we will under no circumstances sell your name, address or phone number to anyone interested in using such for mailings or phone marketing.