Stock Location Stretched Intercooler SLIC

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This is a GN1Performance "STOCK LOCATION STRETCHED INTERCOOLER" for a 1986 or 1987 Buick Grand National, T Type, Turbo T, or GNX 3.8 liter turbo V6. This Intercooler features a newly designed 1 piece aluminum shroud! The Intercooler has 23 rows, and features a beautiful flat black powdercoated finieh and an aluminum sheet metal air scoop. The beauty of this intercooler is that it helps avoid over heating issues, when compared to the front mount intercoolers, this is the perfect everyday driver setup. The intercooler mounts directly to your original up pipe and turbo just as the stock one does. The sizes of this unit are; 13.5" wide (just like the factory) 15.5" tall, and a 3" thick core with a 2.5" inlet and a 2.5" outlet. Also included in this kit are hoses and clamps. This item is only available in a flat black finish for the core and a raw aluminum finish for the shroud.

Please specify when purchasing whether you have a stock or aftermarket throttle body and what size your turbo outlet is so we can provide you with the correct hoses.